oh man that does not look good!


rofl :tard


WTF? What are these kids thinking? :dunno


That’s just fucked up :owned


people are dumb.


now that chick needs to be slapped!! WTF was she thinking letting him hit her like that??


:lastweek nm, it was on


eh I don’t really go over there anymore so yeah…


me either, i went once to host a picture b/c i didnt want to use this forum’s space :banana


She’s pretty hawt, but god damn dumb.

He should have asked if he could have banged her and taped it before he knocked her unconcious.


:wtf is wrong with kids these days??? and why did it have to be a girl? what a little bitch… i want my turn to show him how it feels to get fucked up :owned


Ya, I saw that before. She got knocked the f*ck out!

Hey, did anybody experience any problem after downloading this vid? I had to do a safe delete to get rid of it and then everything was fine. :dunno


ha HAHahahahahahhaha those guys are in deep truble now :rofl


no worky


ok the picture isn’t up anymore…

it says in it’s place though: “you made an error, stop it.”



kool :dunno