Girls are BI


It a girl has a threesome with a girl and a guy is she BI?


Good question put me in the middle and I will let you know :smiley:


no, unless she ditches you in the middle of the action to make off with the other girl. maybe you can just get lucky and find to girls that want to please you at the same time :cool


I still don’t she would be BI


if she has a squirting orgasm after making out with a girl and only gave you head… she just may be bi-


If they each other than YES


Ok, maybe then. If she don’t want the meat, then she is BI


exactly :agree


Girls can and That would make them BI


No, not if they are doing for the meat


We need a womans opinion here


V post here


Is V BI :dunno


all girls have the “Bi” lobe in their brain…just a matter of how large it is apon birth :smiley:


lol… I dont think it would neccessarly make her bi if she has a threesome… Just depends on how much time she spends with the other chick. lol


Re: RE: Girls are BI

say 15 minutes :dunno


If you lick a chick your 1 of 3 things

1…A Guy
2…A BI
3…A Dike

Realy simple


I had threesomes and the girls licked each other and the was not BI. They did it because I told them to. So that just not so.


Oh, you must be “The Man”, huh?


Just telling how the girls that I know are. they kiss and lick and suck each other for me, but they don’t do it with out me. I don’t care if they do it, but they don’t.