Girls... are just evil


First a little background. At work there’s two Sarahs, one is the one I like and talk to about normal things, and the other is the crown n coke drinkin, sex lovin maniac that I love to death (more or less as a sister figure). I’m not the type of guy that has sex on the brain all day. I have more important things to stress out about. So she’s not really used to me asking her things like you’ll read about later on or talking about it in general.

ANYWAY, She’s always got something dirty on her mind… it’s always a trip to be around her.

Well today we were walking to our first break and she stops suddenly and turns into one of the aisles, then suddenly turns back around and keeps walking. She said she was going to flash Kay, but then she saw one of the shippers out by the docks in perfect line of sight.

Hearing this, you know it gets me thinking about that… so I told her she can go ahead and do it anyway and she just rolls her eyes at me.

Later on in the day she comes to lunch as I’m already out eating my cheese toastie, and just to be an ass (read: joking, honestly.) I was like “well since I won’t get any visual stimulation today…” and she rolls her eyes and tells me to let it go in the serious tone she gets in her voice sometimes.

Now, as females I ask you… does this sound fair to you? She’s the reason I’m thinking like this, and she keeps putting these possibilities into my head, and then she tells me to let things like that go even though she talks about it more than I ever have.

One last question, why are females with big boobs evil?


HEY!! I am offended!! I am not evil!!!

Ok, the way I see it is, she is pretty much a tease??..

Well, if that is the case, act uninterested and she will eventually come to you. lol… Even if a girl tries to get your attention by saying that stuff, it doesnt mean that she really will do that. She just wants attention from you is what it sounds like to me.


It’s not really a cat and mouse game honestly, I really don’t want to have anything to do with her other than a plutonic relationship…but if she’s going to always talk about it, I’m going to always start to think about it around her.


and yes Vs, even if it is subconscious, you have your evil ways.

I know she’s a tease, and very good at it… that’s the problem… being a tease = being evil.


how do i have evil ways? What are they? im just curious…


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Give joe some immunity and ask him, I’m sure he’ll tell ya at least one thing.

hides from Vs





girls are all teases… well most… the hot ones lol look down there… ///


HAHAHA! Good thing I don’t have big boobs, or else I might be mistaken for evil.

And I simply won’t have that.


Girls with a smaller cup size can be even worse, because they don’t have the front end drag holding them down.


Aerodynamics?? :dunno :tard


A better weight transfer as well & less drag. :smiley:


… Yeah, so, tonight I was cleaning out the drawers in the kitchen, and I happened across this fork thing that I don’t think I’ve used in a while…


… yeah… so go ahead and sit around and think with it so that you can come up with some sort of topical conversation that deals with what my thread is about. :smiley:


man that sucks that whores can be cock teases like that and just use men, but thats not a problem cause theres other whores that arent like that. keep looking, you’ll find one worth your time.


damn split tailed demons…james just whip your penis out at her and tell her to touch it…if she grabs it and drags you around your work place well then you know its not ment to be but if she gets on her knees and hooks you up with head well then its all good…ps…if you listen to a word of that…well just post about it cause I bet it turns into a funny story…haha…


Just remember one simple rule about women in general, their mood can swing from hour to hour. So if your not on the same roller coaster as the girl, you might as well just go ride the bumper cars until her coaster comes to a complete stop and the saftey bar is lifted.

HRnB, specializing in amusement park analogies since 1987


The question at hand is, whats a cheese toastie? :dunno


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I don’t know, but I can almost taste it’s crunchy cheesy goodness. drool


Re: RE: Girls… are just evil.

I don’t know, but I can almost taste it’s cruchy cheesy goodness. drool[/quote]

mmmm crunchy cheesy gooy goodness drool