Gitmo and the Quran


I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am seriously getting sick and tired of hearing about all this Quran bullshit that supposedly happened at Gitmo. Everytime I log on to Yahoo there is some stupid article about it. First there was the “flushing the Quran down the toilet” then it was the “soldier kicked a Quran around” and now it’s “urine got on a Quran”. Who gives a FUCK? Well, other than them obviously. And the press because they have to have something to write about. But seriously, no one raises a stink when those crazy fuckers burn American Flags. Hell, this Quran business is getting treated like it’s a bigger crime than that journalist getting kidnapped and beheaded on camera. The whole thing just makes me sick to my stomach. Of course, if we were to take one of them fuckers hostage and cut their fucking heads off on live television then we would be branded as evil, barbaric people and the whole world would turn against us.
I think we need to turn all them prisoners over to the U.N. and let them decide what to do with them. Then we need to bring all of our troops home from over in that whole God forsaken region of the world, stop sticking our noses in other countries affairs and worry about sealing up and protecting our own borders. We need to stop wasting taxpayers dollars on this war and put that money to better use like educating our own children and taking care of our elderly. As far as I’m concerned we have done our part over there. We ridded the world of a dictator and helped to establish a Democratic government in Iraq. Now our job should be done and we should let them worry about their own country. Too many of our troops are risking and giving their lives over there and the majority of the people there probably don’t even appreciate all that we have done for them. Well I say Fuck Them. In fact, next time some broke ass thrid world country asks us for help we should tell them to go fuck themselves and to ask the U.N. for help instead. Better yet, ask France.
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it is just a book, and it turned out that the whole story of flushing the quran was a false claim- too bad it erupted more violence and tension in the muslim community. fuck those symbolic bastards- everything is symbolically against them…


The sad thing is that when the Media :barf handles “supposed” stories like this, it gets more of our soldiers killed over there.


no shit, glad this got brought back up again… now Im pissed again :lol


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[quote=mdvaldosta]no shit, glad this got brought back up again… now Im pissed again :lol[/quote] :agree