*gives his paycheck to Capital one*

I just plopped 260 dollars on the ol capital one credit card. :frowning:

I was wondering why my car, with 45k miles on it, was needing rear brakes in 05. Well, the question has been answered in 07… 4 months shy of exactly two years. the same rear brake pad is almost down to the backing plate. Basically, my rear caliper keeps seizing the piston onto the pads and keeping them on the rotor. meaning it’s just been shredding away at it. Never noticed how much brake dust was on the INSIDE of my rim.

So, I figured as long as I’m redoing my brakes… I might as well do it right.

260 dollars later I have Hawk HPS pads and Brembo blank rotors on the way. (aftermarket upgraded pads/rotors)

Next stop: finding some replacement rear calipers for a 2000 Honda Civic Si. Autozone wants 67 dollars for EACH ONE, plus the 44 dollar refundable core charge… theives…

oh man, that sucks. We just had my husbands car in the shop last weekend for new breaks. We brought his 02 neon in to get the breaks replaced. To our surprise they told us it didnt need to be replaced just sanded down or something to those terms. But then he told us that his front rim was warped and he needed a new one. We didnt buy a new one yet tho, just had them put those rims on the back and put the back ones on the front, which probably isnt the safest way to go.

He meant to surface the rotor. What that does is basically take off a small portion of the outter edge of the rotor to smooth it out. Free’s it of grooves/bumps which cause uneven braking and unnecessary wear on your pads/rotors.

I think I have a picture of my rotor and pads from 05 when I replaced them the first time.

Ah yes. Here we go. This is my rear brake pad on the right, and the new one I replaced it with on the left.

Notice how the pad backing is scorned and the pin facing down only has one side on the left one? I had absolutely nothing left on it and that was grinding right into the rotor.

The Old rotor

The new rotor, all new and good.

This is the same one that is giving me problems. It’s been grinding on and off for 4 years. I think it’s been this way since I bought the car… so the calipers NEED to be replaced.

My 01 silverado has the same problem. the right rear pad will wear down to nothing in about 50k miles while the others are still about half there. I was told it was becouse of how the air flowes under the truck it throws a lott of crap into that break and makes it grind down a lott faster.

i hope you didn’t put the new pads/rotor on without first changing the caliper. That would be a dull move :wink:

I did in 05. I’m waiting for my new stuff to arrive here in the next week.

Well I guess what you are telling me is, that they were TRYING to SOUND nice and say, “Hey, we will save you the money, don’t buy new pads”…but in all reality we will soon need to buy, rotors, pads, rims… so in the end they get lots more money eh?
And holy cow, I cant help but mention…that is one huge muscle.

Well, if you replace the rotors and pads it can cost you less than 100 bucks.

I did my front pads, rear rotors and rear pads for under 100 bucks, and I include the case of beer I bought for 20 bucks in that price. lol

The pads and rotors I bought cost me about 260 bucks since they’re aftermarket products.

You shouldn’t have to buy new rims unless you hit a curb and bend them.

umm what IS that holding your brake pads? i want to say a foot, but the ankle just doesnt look right…wtf…lol

They’re sitting on the top of my right hand, my thumb is tucked under my palm.

Hold your hand out with your palm facing the ground, then tuck your thumb under. That’s what I was doing.

it looks like a ‘stub’ is holding it to me

My middle finger is sticking out the end. There’s a nail there… It just looks weird because my hand was all dirty.

you have a funky shaped hand there james. lol. or maybe im seeing it from the wrong angle. no offense of course. its just funny lookin in this pic.

Yeah it’d look normal if the camera wasn’t so close, I was probably standing almost straight up with my arm down below my waste, which is why the hand is curved like it is.

My ABS light has been on for about a year and a half. But the regular brakes work fine so I haven’t had it looked at. Might be a good idea though…

ABS is useless weight added to the car if you know how to brake properly. :slight_smile: