Hey Joe. How come on Glimper if you get 16, which is the highest score, and then someone else gets 16, it puts them on top of you on the list. It sucks cuz theres nothing you can do about it, if you play again and get 16 it won’t let you reclaim your throne because it won’t save the score since you didn’t beat your high score. But if you have 16 it isn’t possible to get higher. I was the first person to get 16 on that game, then I believe it was Atlantic blue, now its completely diffrent ppl. Perhaps I am just sad because I can’t get more trophies… Hmm, I am a trophy whore…


even if you tie, you dont ge tthe trophy?

i would share the trophy with people. i got the points for the trophy but it rearranges the placement of the people with 16 on the list. you cant win the jackpot though?


nope it says no score was saved you did not beat your current high score. it sux


It should put that person at 2nd place, not first. I’ll look into it.