will be mine in like 5 min. had to post this to get tokenz to play it…


Ok, this is mrawawatts. My gf wanted me to make her an account on here, so I did. I figure if its impossible for me to get my glimper trophy back on my name, then the second best thing to do would be for it to be on my g/fs name. Well i got 16, and it put me at second place. Im just wondering if the rules for glimper has changed or something? When I had the trophy and someone got 16 it got taken away.

My plan failed…


if the high score is tied the first person to make the score keeps the 1st place


Re: RE: Glimper

Oh. Did you jsut recently change it to be that way.


no it was always that way. PS - that game is fookin hard!


wait, the game dont end after 16 does it? I dunno I’ve only gotten 12


Yea, checked the game code.

UPDATE: glimper was haxxored! theirs been a few changes. play the game to fine out. guarantee a score of 16 isn’t gonna be the high anymore :smiley:


Re: RE: Glimper

It wasnt always that way, I was the first person to ever get all 16. The atlanticblue. Im not compaining about it, dont get me wrong. Its all good.
You can get more than 16 now? Hehe, im on it…