Gnostic Christianity’s hidden in plain sight secret. We must do evil


Gnostic Christianity’s hidden in plain sight secret. We must do evil.

Given evolution and evil, is the Gnostic Christian myth more intelligent than the Christian myth?
The Gnostic Christian myth explains evil quite nicely as compared to what Christianity has produced.

Doing evil must have conscious volition. In law, they call that idea, mens rea. It is the cornerstone of secular and religious law and shows guilt and the knowledge that one is doing evil to another. When present, that is the only time sin can be applied to mankind.

Gnostic Christians posit an evil God, Yahweh, because of his creation of the evolutionary system in place. This system forces us to do evil to others when we win competitions. We must compete to survive and thrive. We must do evil and that is why we see Yahweh as evil. In a more modern sense, not so much evil as a necessary evil. In the Gnostic Christian view, this allows hope that there is another God above Yahweh that might have a better system that excludes that evil. Yahweh then is just our idea of a system we do not like for it’s evils, and we actually hope to be wrong in our evaluation of reality.

Do you recognize that you must do evil to survive and that the Gnostic Christian myth is a better way to explain evil than the Christian myth does?


I had never heard of Gnostic Christians until just now but, I have to be honest, It just seems that this is just another way Christians are trying to take evolution and twist it to fit their own religion.

Just seems like another (less radical) sect of the Creationists and Intelligent Designers who try and act like their religion is a science.

Am I wrong?


The gnostics have been around in various religions before Christianity even appeared (ie there were Jewish gnostics). I have always been confused by @Greatest_I_am ‘s Gnosticism since it differs to a great extent with the earlier Christian gnostics, and in denying Jesus’ simplest and greatest claim, to be the son of God (and therefore divine), he gives the lie to any idea that his belief is in any way Christian.

As regards evolution, there is little need to twist evolution to fit Christianity, I for one believe that the two are compatible (as do many top scientists- John Lennox and Francis Collins for example).



Gnostic Christianity has no supernatural beliefs.

Our myths are full of it but they were written to stimulate debate and discussion before religious fools started to read their myths literally and began killing for their imaginary Gods.

Here is a link showing the intelligence of the ancients before Christianity and Islam became idol worshiping religions. The second link speaks of the carnage alter idol worship began using Inquisitions and Jihads.

Both Christianity and Islam, slave holding ideologies, have basically developed into intolerant, homophobic and misogynous religions. Both religions have grown themselves by the sword instead of good deeds and continue with their immoral ways in spite of secular law showing them the moral ways.

Jesus said we would know his people by their works and deeds. That means Jesus would not recognize Christians and Muslims as his people, and neither do I. Jesus would call Christianity and Islam abominations.

Gnostic Christians did in the past, and I am proudly continuing that tradition and honest irrefutable evaluation based on morality.


If you are not a literalist fool, true.

Most Christians and Muslims are literal readers of their myths even though most religious hierarchies have basically denounced that way of reading scriptures.

Things will be better when theists start listening to their hierarchies in this.

We might rid ourselves of Inquisitions and Jihads.