God i hate some people


Driving home today i got my mustang nailed by a few paintballs…

I knew what it was right away so i hit the breaks and made some real out screeching noises to scare em to shitless… and called the cops :smiley:

No damage luckly, wipred it off with my undershirt then got a quickie car wash at kwik trip

What makes people wanna go out and possibly damage others property… and its so random and pointless, grr it just makes me so mad


WTF, they would hit a mach?! must have been 12-15 yr old kids that dont understand the value of a dollar or repsect someone elses property. good thing you called the cops. im sorry to hear about the situation man, but damn it sucks bad.

i had someone throw ice at my car when we had a “Georgia Snow storm” (ice storm). kids made ice balls and threw them at cars. they hit my wheels so i didnt care b/c they were stock v6 rims and i was upgrading anyway.


GOD is sorry to hear you hate some people.


that sucks… We have had that happen here alot, but kids are actually shooting paintball guns at the business windows.


People really suck. The weird thing is, some lady came into Target today freaking out because she saw some kids paintballing cars in the parking lot… right in the middle of today where people could see them doing it. Thank god it was the complete other side of the lot from where I park or some asses would have been beat. Maybe it’s national paintball cars day.

We had to call the cops and everything, but I never got a chance to hear if they caught them or not.


Damn I would kill someone if they did that to MO POWA :wtf