God! My body :(

I go to the beach today and don’t get tanned in the least. My cheeks got red, and the rest of my body stayed white as a ghost.

Then during the ride home, my left arm got sunburned through the window. :expressionless: Now I’m white, with a dark red/brown left arm.


hate when that happens…

that sucks

ok and heres my public service announcement for the day…you really should not be tanning

Haha, why’s that?

nothing personal against you, i just dont believe in it anymore. outside tanning beds, etc so not good. if your trying to tan for an occiasion, just try the spray on tan

:stuck_out_tongue: I wasn’t looking to tan at all today actually. Just hanging out at the beach. Getting a sunburned arm wasn’t exactly what I was going for either. :frowning:

I have never been able to tan properly anyway. Gave up on that a long time ago.

I go a nice colour eventually…eventually!!

im pale and right now i like it

I’m really light right now… I try to tan once a year or so. I tan well, thanks to my Native American heritage. :smiley:

i usually tan well but since last year i wont go outside without sunscreen on at all face arms neck etc. also dr said i should be wearing a wide brim hat :willy_nilly:

SB speak heap truth, not with forked tongue

Yes… you are staying out of the sun forever. :nod:

Oh you cheeky wanker. :stuck_out_tongue:

I get lucky and tan pretty easily naturally, but I’m not going to lay around getting a tan. Nor am I going to go to one of those microwave oven places. Bad news.

I spend a lot of times outdoors, so I get that wonderful jog bra line. :rolleyes:

Plus I get freckles on sunburns, so you can actually see the jog bra line in winter. :slight_smile:

well the sun is bad news as well, especially here in houston…just saying

I’m pale right now and love it! My dad just had some cancer scraped off his face in a couple of places, so I stopped trying to get sun. I have Chilean blood, so pale for me isn’t white like a sheet of paper.

That sucks about your arm though. I hate being lopsided!

hence why i love being pale. i have skin cancer so now i have to stay this way. way different story growing up though.

wait a minute, girly…you’re in houston?

I live out in very NW houston/NE Katy, Barker Cypress/529 area…

yes i am