God NJ what do you do good?


The state of Rhode Island leads the nation in driver cluelessness, according to the survey. The average test score there was 77, just eight points above a failing grade.

Those in neighboring Massachusetts were second worst and New Jersey, third worst.



haha I bet Bacon was surveyed while he was drunk. :rofl


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:lol :lol


you might be right…I’m drunk right now


the insurace rates for the company and others are going to increase just because of 5000 people…

aint that just fuckered?


YES!!! Finally there is something that Mississippi isn’t the worst in!


haha, that is funny!!! No wonder why bacon got his license… haha


I actually scored a 96 on my test


Isn’t it funny the way most of the “clueless” drivers are on the right coast?? That’s because we are always in a GD hurry


but most of the people I know that can’t drive are from the midwest to west coast


how the hell did south carolina beat georgia? i live on the savannah river area and SC drivers come over here to shop and what not… they abso-fuckin-lutely suck at driving!!!


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hey! :fu

:lol yeah, some of the sc drivers…

better not say much…


the ones that find their way to georgia… suck. they go 40 in the fast lane so i pass in the slow lane… there’s more too- like turning left with the right blinker on… it happens more than you think. :tard


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thats cuz they just dont turn them off…

and i know how you feel… theres a 45 mph section next to some tracks on this certain road, which also has a 35 mph section near the rec dept. if there are some dashed yellow marks on my side, and the person in front of me is doing 39 or lower… 2 lane changes and a quick 55 mph speed up fixes everything for a little bit, then i get to slow down for the fork in the road…


yea SC roads are wierd. they run parallel to train tracks and have no RR arms that come down… i get lost when i cross the border lol


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EAST SIDE HOMIE! :lol :gears


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i guess some of the die hard rednecks say if ya kant hear the train, der aint one…so when ya got the musics up… :smiley:


yea, i hear about a lot of people stopping on the tracks and dieing… why would you stop on the tracks, train or not???