Good Bye Richard Pryor


One of the greatest stand up comics that ever lived has kicked it today. Anybody not familiar with his work, give him a listen, you won’t be disappointed. His Mudbone routines were classic stuff.

Saddness 8(*


what did he die of?..he was very funny


i think i heard he died of a heart attact. i dont remember hearing his stand up .shame tho.



I forget what crippled him. I think a spinal disease…but yeah, the world has lost an artistic genius.


USA Today Online article


He died of to much crack. He was a big time crack head.


thats sad.


Sad that he was a crack head?


sad that he died, a shame he was a crack head, excuse me for not clarifying…


he was still funny crack or not


The survived interally combusting. He was a tough one.


Richard had MS. Yes he had a crack problem at one time… and acknowledged it; got over it and used it in his routine. Either way the man was a fucking genius and a pioneer of comedy. W/O Richard there would be no Eddie, Chris Rock or (insert favorite black raunchy comedian)
RIP Richard…


Oh man I loved him in See No Evil, Hear No Evil. That movie is just hilarious. I’ve seen some of his stand up though and couldn’t stop laughing for a second.


holy shit i dint realize that was him in that movie. that movie is awesome. one of the best movies in my opinon. i only realized gene wilder was in it.


Yeah, but I knew Richard Pryor was the blind guy all the time. I take habit in remembering actor’s names and the movies they filmed in, you know - just in case. Gene Wylder is a rememerable guy too.


yeah gene wilder (sp) is an awesome actor too. i loved him in see no evil, hear no evil and as a kid i loved willy wonka and the chocholate factory. hell i still love that movie.