Good Morning

Good Morning great people of otz!!

I just wanted to say hello. I am extremely tired and Im not sure If I will be able to go to sleep today or not. lol

Good morning… :slight_smile:

and go to bed… it may take you a while to fall asleep, but you will be better off later if you do catch some shut-eye

Good morning! :slight_smile:

Me is tired too! Just got home from work. Fixing to put the girls on the school bus and head to the courthouse for a restraining order and then Im coming home to sleep! Cant wait for some sleep!!

I cant… I have jacob and I dont think he will let me take a nap. :frowning:

Good morning Veronica.

morning steve.

Good Morning Everyone!

i’m working… :frowning:


mourning it may be but good, thats highly doubtfull since I didnt sleep last night.

You need some of that new baby wash by Johnson & johnson … the kind that “puts them to sleep” lol.

When mine was smaller … I could feed him, rock him a little … and we’d both be so drowsy that we’d take a nap together on the couch.

morning everyone! I’m away from home today, just got my car registration taken care of (funny since i have no car right now lol) and I’m just waiting on my daddy to get me in a few hours to drive me over to my school on the other side of town.

Mornin Vs. I’m right there with you being tired. I finally fell asleep and then my alarm went off.

Last night sucked. haha

hi james!

I just renewed my registration too…weird! Oh, and morning V!

Hi Clare :slight_smile:

good morning well afternoon now

bacon you need a picture of a pig holding a sign that says eat mor burgers n chicken! save the bacon! just a random thought.

LOL couldn’t resist hehe

edit yikes those were big weren’t they LOL, sorry

hahaha bacon needs to make a new avvy :-p

noooooooo dont take his avy away- i love it~~~~

(mainly cuz i sent it to him,… and i love stewie… and uniforms… hmmm go me!)