Goodbye George

A few weeks ago we found out the my cat, George, had diabetes. He didn’t have any energy and didn’t seem to be able to use his hind legs (diabetic neuropathy). Today we took him in and found his kidneys were starting to fail. We decided it was his time to go so we put him to sleep. He had a good 12 years but I’m going to miss his big pumpkin eyes greeting me at the bottom of the stairs every morning.

:frowning: thats so sad sneakie…i guess its better to go this way though in his sleep then painfully. My fieance cat passed not to long ago hit by a car …it was our neigbor, we found the cat in his drive way…she balled her eyes out. So i know how painful it could be to lose a loved pet

god that sucks. december i had the same thing. i did the insulin injections for a year before his kidneys failed. it blows. hugs.

I’ve lost two cats in the past two years so I fell/understand your pain.

Sorry for your loss.

Thats sad, I know how you feel after I had to have my dog put to sleep last year.:frowning:

I hope you can eventually get over it. Get another cat when a couple of months have passed, trust me it will help you get over this.:slight_smile:

We have four other cats so it’s not so much not having one anymore. He was just a funny cat to have. He thought he was being really gentle when he crawled on you but he was 31 lbs so there was no real gentle when it came to it.

RIP George. Sorry Amber. :frowning:

The vet sent flowers to our family. Our old vet did the same when we lost another one of cats.

Nice vet!:slight_smile: All mine sent me was the bill!

George was a good cat…