well, as some of you know I’m moving on Saturday, I won’t have internet access where I’m going so today and maybe tomorrow is the last time I’ll be on here for a while, hopefully I’ll get my shit together soon and be able to get back to civilization and internet access.

Good luck with the move. Come back when you can.

Well, I’m gonna miss you, bro. :frowning:

I hope things go well for you and you can get back here soon :thumbup

good luck man. come back soon

thanks, I intend on getting the fuck out of there as son as I can, I won’t even have access to MMA out there, Cave Junction cable doesn’t get SpikeTV, all I’ll have is my old DVD’s :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Pick up a good book or two. Makes the time fly.

way ahead of you, I’ve been stocking up on books and videogames to occupy myself whilst I’m out there.


although I don’t know you good luck and hope your back soon

everyone knows me, I’m the greatest poster in the history of OTZ, known throughout the interwebz from the MMA forums, Flash forums, OTZ, they even know me in Iran!

Take me.

Errr… I mean… Hello.


lol i haven’t been on any forums for about 4 years so I don’t know you, sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, no problem. Doggy can vouch for me.

I’m harmless. :smiley:

Back on topic- later dude. Hope to see you back soon.

hurry back

Good luck.

Godspeed. :thumbup

my legend began in early 2007, I guess I can forgive you for not knowing me.

I suppose I should do something with my tokenz.

Best of luck

You can always look into satellite access

I am right here… send 'em… I’ll keep them safe for you. :smiley: