Google Chrome's Racism Extension


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This is golden


Did he make a simulator that puts white people in the same socioeconomic position as black people? Or did he only cover sub-standard sensationalist news outlets?

This thread is dumb.


Also are you actually a fan of that shitty website? It’s a breeding ground for alt-right conspiracies.


Why does that then make it okay to be racist?

Almost like he directly targeted these sites because their sensationalist articles are racist or would be perceived as such.

I don’t browse the site, I occasionally come into contact with the links online; same for the sites he’s targeted.


Those captions weren’t racist, they were highlighting the social power white people enjoy in society and how it should be stopped. Taking them out of context assumes white people and black people are treated the same in society anyway, which they are not.


racism = Power +discrimination horseshit. basically.


There are rich, poor and middle class black people, just as there are poor, middle class and rich white people, black people are not a poor monolith.


Citation needed.


What? Blacks are hugely disproportionately poor.


More like: content of the articles + wider context = not racist. If I lived an oppressed life in a violent Jewish theocracy and started saying things like ‘Jewish supremacy must end’ then you probably wouldn’t call me racist, but if I started saying those things from my bedroom in the UK i’d clearly be an insane antisemitic conspiracy theorist. Context matters, obviously.


Is it really that big?


“Black men must be stopped: The very future of mankind depends on it” and “Yes, Diversity Is About Getting Rid Of Black People (And That’s A Good Thing)”, sounds pretty racist to me.

For the most part, they are. And the vast majority discrepancies are on an individual basis and usually exists in a different place against the opposite race.


Blacks in america do not live in a white supremacy, i will cede that elements of white supremacy from a long time ago (over 3-4 generations ago now) are still a contributing factor, such as nixons drug laws,


One of the top articles today is literally about how, because one 4chan user predicted the media would report that Milo, a popular figure in the public eye, justified paedophilia at a public conference, that they have definite “proof” that the liberal biased media planned a “calculated attack” to ruin his name for political purposes.


Well im not suprised such an article was produced, considering they did just that to Pewds the other day, and they were massively uncharitable to an obvious victim of sexual abuse, its pretty well known they internalize like milo does to help cope with it.


It’s an article about trying to end the white male colonial mentality that is embedded in political culture, doesn’t sound racist when put in context.

To be fair that article is pretty insane, but even here the argument is political and cultural in character and is more about power and influence in society and trying to redress social imbalances than racial hatred and trying to create imbalances. I mean, c’mon, it doesn’t take a moron to see how racism is something these kinds of people are clearly trying to stop, if you can’t see that then you’ve been reading too much ageofshitlords.

Even if you think that you still know the authors disagree with you and so taking their articles out of the context of their arguments and intentions just so you can call it racist is dishonest. It is the mark of a cowardly debater.


I was referencing their assertion that a 4chan post constitutes indisputable evidence of a liberal media conspiracy as an example of batshit crazy conspiracy theory. If you actually believe that then there is no hope for you…


Close to 50% of black children in the US are in homes that are at or below the poverty line, so yes.


How does this extension do anything?

You honestly think this will help poor black people? You think a majority of poor, black people give a damn?


Except many victims of said colonization were also white meaning putting it on racial grounds is misrepresenting it, and “white male colonial mentality” , maybe stop treating us white males as an evil monolith?