Google has failed me

Where can I watch the newest episode (19) of Desperate Housewives online? ABC’s website does not work because I am not in America. I am DYING to see it!!!

I found sharetv, fancast and zeevee. Not sure if they’ll work or not, but that’s what google gave me.

AWWW crap. I was so tired I missed it last night. I’ll have to watch tomorrow cuz I’m to tired to watch it tonight as well.

It was a very good episode.

None of those work :frowning: I’m going nuts.

Hmm… how do you usually watch it? Does that channel not do the reruns?

I usually download the torrent and watch it. Australia is way behind in DH. I was just too impatient to wait for the torrent to download and wanted to watch it streaming. But no luck.

Sorry. :frowning:

Have you been downloading it while looking for a way to watch it now?

Yeah I just gave up and started downloading it. Takes 24 hours though. Damn slow Aussie internet!!

Good grief! It must be worth it to wait 24 hours! I’ve never really watched the show…

Oh I am a hopeless addict of Desperate Housewives. Hopeless. I download it every week instead of waiting for Australia to air it.