Got a minute to watch something funny?

This is a riot!!!:24::24::24:

Emo Philips

My Dad turned me onto this guy when I was a teenager & his act is something that’ll leave a lasting impression on ya. Enjoy… or not.:wink:

Good lord, what did I just watch? Haha…

[quote=“daniellllleee, post: 1081965”]Good lord, what did I just watch? Haha…[/quote]Dude’s nuts, eh?:24:

You have to check out some of the other bits that are on his site. It’ll leave you in stitches!!!

Yeah, he’s pretty funny. I’m never ready for the punchlines :24:

He slays me! His delivery’s so unusuall you can’t forget it.

I memorized half of his routine from the 80s & did it in around my friends.:thumbup

I can’t get it to work… :frowning:

[quote=“HottyToddyChick, post: 1081969”]I can’t get it to work… :([/quote]It takes a few seconds to start playing once you click on the link.

Try again & give it a few secs.:slight_smile:

I’m not that patient… :frowning: It’s loading but not playing…

I’ll try again tomorrow. I’m exhausted!

[quote=“HottyToddyChick, post: 1081972”]I’ll try again tomorrow. I’m exhausted![/quote]Sorry girl.

Do you have alot of trouble getting vids to load?

Oh I’ve seen him before, he’s hilarious. :smiley:

[quote=“Anie, post: 1081974”]Oh I’ve seen him before, he’s hilarious. :D[/quote]What I like about his routine is that it’s so different from anyone else out there doing comedy.

He really acts like some overly sheltered kid who’s parents were ashamed of the fact that he was their spawn. He’s a strange dude.

Yeah he’s very awkward, looks to be emotionally disturbed but you got to love his act. :smiley:

That’s why I like him so much. You start to believe he’s the character in his act once you watch him long enough.

Here’s another clip.Emo Philips