Got my residency card

[LEFT]So this is number 1,000 finally a god damn comma, thats all i really wanted.; needless to say im a peremanant resident now and I think I have ot’z to thank:woohoo: No were near as special as 1600 of cousre, but im slowly climbing the food chain ladder :waving: woot woot!!! :muscles:

CENTER:nanners: [/CENTER]


yay. I am thrilled for you sinz. I have to refrain myself from jumping up and down with joy.

lol are you still better about the green block commnet! here throws more reap at suzie

edit:::: dammit i have to spread the love first i gues, bu ti wont forget ya

Congratulations dude!:slight_smile:

congrates dude!!!

ha thanks V and pete;)

Congrats, well done.

Congrats dood!

hey hey nic thx

ho ho boomz…yeah ho ho sounds beter …thx again!

Nice Congrats, I just got mine renewed a month ago…


You’re been busy.

Congrats!!! :slight_smile:

You’re that bastard who keeps knocking me out of all the tournaments!:wink:

Good Job Sinz…

Now you’re not an illegal alien. OTz INS was about to come for you too. :tongue:

thx silent:)

yes i was worried was inc now ICE was coming for me! phew

get to yo block? what kind of rep is that from this thread?


Someone put that on one of my “reps”…but dont know who it is, since they never signed their name. Im just wondering what it means. :slight_smile: