Gotta love GOOGLE!


Click on “Satellite” in the upper right hand corner. Then you can type in pretty much any U.S. zip code or even street addresses with city and state. It has a zoom feature, but it will only zoom so far. I’ve already typed in South Beach Miami hoping for a little topless sunbathing action… :smiley: . Unfortunately it doesn’t zoom that far.


yea heard about it last night :smiley: there was all kinds of talk about privacy issues and stuff but the pics seem to still be a few months old at least.


Yeah that is the one good thing about it. If it were real-time then it would be a major security risk.


Yeah. We know that it has to be about a year off. The new sub we are moving in isnt even developed yet.


toronto doesn’t look right…there is some major stuff missing. :dunno


It needs to be fixed so I can see tits :dunno


Re: RE: Gotta love GOOGLE!

they are a couple years old… there has been some big factory’s go up a couple miles from my house in the last couple years and they dont show up


cool :tard