Great Trip

Best week eVar imo

…WTF… lol

ACK!! snakes on a rock! snakes on a rock! (thank god it wasn’t a plane)

Gatlinburg Aquarium
… mmmmm


Knoxville Zoo

Wow! Awesome pics!:slight_smile:

Best video evar :lol:

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and the most elusive of all creatures …[/QUOTE]

I went to Gatlinburg on a band trip. It’s a beautiful town.

great pics

except for the spider pic…shudders

Snakes and spiders are cool! Might make a thread for pictures of them.:slight_smile:

no problems with snakes…spiders I hate

you take awesome pictures.

thanks :smiley:

lol even though I did not really mean to bruise your arm … you deserved every bit of it LOL. You know I am terrified of them lol.

you big meanie :tongue:

Those are some Really Awesome Pics SRC…

So WHAT is the story behind the Upside Down building ???

it’s called Wonder Works, has interactiver exhibits inside )and a dinner show). We didn’t go in though … cas we couldn’t figure out til the last day what was in it lol.

that’s only because you are so awesome though :smiley31: