so i bought a new printer today… got it home- ready to do all the work i needed to since my last printer crapped out on me… and im hooking everything up- and SURPRISE… no USB cable… so i look on the box- and sure enough in like size 2 font it says dont forget the USB cable :fu :fu :fu


haha owned. Whats a usb cable? 20 bucks?


the point is not that i have to go buy a $20 USB cable… the point is that its 11:30 and the stores are closed and the super nerdy guy at staples should have been nice enough to tell me that since he seemed to be such an expert in the printer and ink department


go to wal-mart and see if they got a USB cable you can buy.


wallys got some usb cables


I have an extra USB cable


:rofl :funnah sorry Heather didn’t mean to laugh


Also try Radio Shack


redstang- can i get that cable ??? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


…and chris… im glad you think its so funny … :tard :tard

maybe it was just another blonde moment i tend to have sometimes… ok … pretty often

-but was i really that dumb to not realize it didnt come with the printer??? i thought it was a packaged deal :dunno :dunno



Any time :smiley:


I did the same thing when I go tmy printer so thats why its funny to me


They never come with the cords anymore. They discount the printer to make it seem affordable…then you have to fork out more money for cords…and some even ink cartridges!!!



suuuuure thats what you meant



Any time :D[/quote]



yeah and its cheaper to buy a whole new printer instead of ink cartridges sometimes


thats for damn sure. for my printer the cartriges come up to about 80.00 for a black ink one and color ink. i think my printer cost 90.00 new