Guess what Danielle just bought?

Weee! Brand new Toyota Yaris with 5 miles on it. :thumbup

I have children here, this link better be a yaris and not…yanno!!

Nice car, but buying a brand spankin’ new car is never a good financial choice. New cars lose 5-10k in value as soon as they leave the lot. Congrats though! :smiley:

wow thats nice :slight_smile:

Yeah I know, but my engine blew in my last car, and my dad took me up and helped me pick it out. It was only 15,000-ish after taxes. I’ll be paying 286 a month. I’m a happy camper.

Looks good.

That’s not bad at all and on the bright side it’s a Toyota. If you take it in for regular maintenance, it will run for like 300k plus miles.

Definitely, so :thumbup:thumbup two thumbs up for my sexy new car. :stuck_out_tongue:

'Tis lovely.

I don’t know, you have a great car, you live in Florida! I like you!!

nice looking car. U need to break the back seat it.


Do people still do that? LOL

Do people still do that? LOL[/quote]
I don’t own a car. I wouldn’t know.

If you had a tandum bike, you would need to break in the back seat. :smiley:

but that 5 - 10k is worth the new car smell;)

Suhweet…congrats!!! :smiley: Personally I don’t care that a new car isn’t a wise investment…I bought my Corolla w/ 3 miles on it and I loooooooooooooooove it. And it’ll run for years to come b/c I do my scheduled maintenance as suggested. :wink:

True that Tasha. Pour milk on the bitter flakes!!

I hope you really enjoy your new car!

But on a side note that pic looks like a shortend Ford Taurus to me!
Im a truck guy though.

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Weee! Brand new Toyota Yaris with 5 miles on it. :thumbup[/quote]

Awesome. I hope you enjoy it.