Guess what I Got to See today?!


a gt 40…oh yeah :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana
the local ford dealership got one the otherday. white with blue stripes. there going to be getting a red with white stripes next month the keep the white one company.

it was just buetiful.


i saw one about 3 months or so ago and they had it all ropped off. there was a 4ft gap between the ropes and the car… it still made me cream my pants though… :hump


i was pretty surprized there were no ropes at this one. only a sticker on the windshield that said don’t tough. but i caressed it anyways. it was so sooooo sexy. price tag…250 big ones…i know the head salesman out there so went spent about 30 minutes just staring at the car and talkin all about it. :rock :rock :rock :rock :rock :rock :rock :rock :rock :rock :gears :gears :gears


I probably would of just hugged the hood and wouldn’t let go when they’d try to pull me off :tard


i had thought about… i had also thought about fucking the gas tank, but it wasn’t waste high. it was on the fuckin right front fender. i would have had to climb on the hood and mess up her makeup…


:funnah :rofl


hopefully ill be going to th NY Auto show tonight so hopfully ill something better :wink:


The GT40 is cool, but way overrated and over priced, but it does look sweet, and has a cool heritage, and I understand why they are producing it. Guess that is just my opinion. I wish I lived near a place that got sweet cars on their lot.


the way the cars get on the lot: there are 865 gt40’s made for this year. 365 go the the 365 ford dealerships that got the presidents award for customer service. the other 500 are put in a lottery of all the ford dealers in the us. only 500 get them, at random. the lotin greenville, nc got one for the presidents award. then one thru the lotto. the dealer said they got very lucky. he said its an honor to be one of the few dealerships to actually get one of these on the lot


Damn…thats sorta like fucking her in the ear…

…o well, whatever rocks your sox i guess :dunno

Me? I’m a tailpipe person myself :smiley:


eh, to get to the tail pipes shed hafta be ontop, and she aint too light on her toes ya know.





O a gt40… eh…


WOW way cool even our little town in Texas… BEAUMONT got one a white with blue strips … Gona sale for 250 thousand dollars i saw it the other day just forgot about it :dunno :dunno


I think it’s a great idea for Ford to remake the car. Even though they practically stole the Ferarri, it’s still built in the U.S. and has a blue oval on it. :smiley: Hopefully it starts to catch up in notoriety with the lambo, lotus, ferarri types.


see anyone that has good sales/and or is lucky to win the lotto got one. i never figured i’d see one in greenville… only about 50K folks here…not a real big city in my books. but it seems fair to me for the ford people to do that ya know…


Your right i just wonder who around can afford that kinda price …can you imagine the note :lol :lol