Guess What!?!?!

so i sent they pics to the wedding dress woman… and shes loved them! shes putting them on her site! :D:D:D:D:D:D

Cool beans :smiley:


Awesome job!

You didnt just say that LOLOLOLOL …sowi

Congrats Pink :smiley:


quality…your work is exceptional now so imagine how good its going to be when you get some experience

That’s great! I told you they were amazing… :wink:

That is awesome!! congrats girl!!

thats so awesome! congratulations girly!

thanx guys!!

You’re work is great! Well deserved! Congrats!!

that’s excellent. It’s always a great feeling when the work you do gets noticed.

:D:D im actully quite proud of my self… since i had half the time my m8s had with the model that day and i managed to get just as many pics as her and better… i was gettin quite annoyed cos my friend started the shoot off… took hundreds of pics… was finally my turn i got a a few down and my friend was like. im cold lets go back to the car and warm up. wich is fair enough… so we went n got lunch and got warmed up… then back out to shoot and it was her turn again… she took aaaages again!

yup!! :smiley:

That’s great news girlie!