Guitar Tutor

Ayden has been doing guitar lessons for the last few weeks, anyways his tutor was this akward guy… long story explained more elsewhere hahaha anyways i get a phone call that his tutor has uni classes now around the time Ayden has his lesson and they have to change his tutor and I swear his new tutor looks like this actor from an aussie series

Every wednesday afternoon for half an hour has just gotten a hell of alot better!! :willy_nilly::willy_nilly::24:

Interesting. . . . :wink:

Oh really? :stuck_out_tongue:

Business and pleasure…never a great combo lol

Its not business, hell its not even his… he tutors for half an hour… then leaves, nothing is to say i don’t “accidentally” bump into him on the weekend or something :shrug:

Dont be bursting my bubble i like it in here at the moment :24:

Zips up Keights bubble…whistles…walks away lol

:24::24::24::24::24: I literally LOL’d :ninja

its the rock!!!

hahaha no its not him lol

looks like him

it does a little now you mention it

I thought of the Rock too before I read that he was an Aussie star. I would definitely be looking forward to Wednesdays now too!


So you are saying “He plucks your strings”

Wow really :stuck_out_tongue: