Gun Rights


No but they may shoot someone who they are annoyed with

Glassing is an entirely different situation and its why during big events plastic cups are served…


So you’re going to base your entire ethical philosophy on guns on ‘less than 1 in a million’?

So wait, you’re saying regulation works better than banning?

That sounds very familiar to the point I was making…


ur original point was about human rights… ??? Heavy regulation works best… but with American gun culture I would say a ban is needed for them

1 person is all it takes to kill 100’s so yes I will base it on them facts… one person guns down a school no more no less…


Debates do tend to progress onwards.

>so what I’ve been saying

>has a guncentric culture
>let’s strip them of their culture

Yeah, if you own a UAV.

There has ever only been 3 school massacres with over 100 deaths in the entire history of guns, one in Pakistan (where terrorism is rife), another in Kenya (where terrorism is also rife) and one in Russia which was perpetrated by a small but what is arguably one of the most powerful terror organisations that has ever existed.

We haven’t had a school massacre since 1996, yet we can still own these guns:

You seem to be basing them on feelings


because we regulate it!!!

its a dangerous culture


Which is what I’m arguing for, you’re arguing for banning them.

Or are you getting confused on what you believe?

Which can be regulated and improved upon in different areas.


u cant regulate guns if everyone all ready owns one :smiley:


Ummm, yes you can…


please give example how u can stop gun crime when everyone owns a gun


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For one it’s worth remembering 1/3 of Americans own a gun, not “all”.

Spot checks to see how guns are being kept, if they’re not kept properly they’re removed from the owner.

Regulate how much ammunition a person is allowed to own at once.

Regulating gun manufacturing and legality for all guns produced after a certain period.

Regulating who can own a gun.


and yours spot checks… so police come to my house to take away my ammo… certainly going to be happy about that… your thinking is great but u cant regulate how much ammo u can have without police constantly checking housing which is unaffordable… However your gun manufacturing laws would work very well I agree with u there


And their solution is what? To shoot the police and then having SWAT raid the house likely killing them and their family?

But you can regulate how much ammo a person can buy at once.


would u kinda of agree to a system such as a ration book ? So u cant get over by going to different shops ?

No but a lot of Americans will protest… (bad for government)


No, as these what I want, I’m just saying it’s an ‘option’.

A state-wide or federal electronic network would be more foolproof.

Compared to banning all guns?


Would be a problem with both ideas… USA is a gun culture stopping that is hard because of the constitution

U still have the issue of fake ID of course…


A network would record how much ammo a person can buy on an individual base with their name and likely some sort of personal ID number to give when buying that can be checked on a database.


I think it is in everyone’s right to be able to defend oneself without the need for government help - owning a gun is but one of those rights. I don’t know how far I would extend that right though, or if it would be written into a constitution. Saying that, I respect the USA and it’s constitution and the ability to bear arms.


An exceptional justification is needed, ie a fully automatic weapon for example. Otherwise no. [quote="_lake, post:1, topic:109492"]
In my opinion the current status quo in the U.S is fine, current liberal pushes for more gun restrictions are annoying

That’s because most “progressives” (its anti liberal to hurt negative liberty) are fundamentally ignorant on firearms, the amount of people who don’t know the difference between a semi and full auto is absolute insanity, the fakestream media doesn’t help either , watch this journalist outright lie out of his fucking teeth


This literally has never happened, and there’s towns in the USA in both left leaning and right leaning states we’re almost everyone carries a gun.