Gun Rights


The U.K. We’re the guys who came up with the idea behind the freedom to bear arms, the USA copied it from you,


Yes it is, some of the first human rights laws had fire arm rights in them, what is freedom if you don’t have the means to defend it


Gun owners in the U.K. Would disagree,


You’re going to have a LOTTTT of very very angry southerners/ rural people if you try to ban guns or limit them significantly. Gun ownership is embedded in American culture and as stands it has majority support… to argue to ban firearms outright would not only require you to change the hearts and minds of millions who will certainly resist, but it would be political suicide.

I will never give up my fully automatic assault rifles and if you try to take it I will hide them and resist however I can. And, mind you, this would be the attitude of millions. You would fail.


We’ve modernised in that department though (although in most other legal areas the US has modernised more).


trashing your fundamental freedoms could hardly be considered modernization. Besides it was us Irish, ironically fighting for our freedom that caused the end of that right ,


Since when was the universal right to bear arms a fundamental freedom?


“he Bill of Rights lays down limits on the powers of the monarch and sets out the rights of Parliament, including the requirement for regular parliaments, free elections, and freedom of speech in Parliament. It sets out certain rights of individuals including the prohibition of cruel and unusual punishment and reestablished the liberty of Protestants to have arms for their defence within the rule of law.”

Literally one of the first human rights bills in the world.

EDIT: this was literally a century before the usa was founded, oh and freedom to bear arms included all weapons the US military possessed, including cannons. Now i dont actually support ownership of artillery pieces in casual civilian hands, but your musket point is moot.


Sure, it has appeared on Bill of Rights documents in the past, but whether it remains a universal freedom is a different question.


I think restricting bullets is far more possible than restricting guns. It’s far harder to go on a massacre if you only have five bullets.


How do you restrict bullets? They are especially much smaller, easier to smuggle, and can be easily hand made by the right person.


And then the UK realised that was a silly idea and now we have gun control and far far less shooting related deaths per capita than the US


in a country that hasn’t been built around the idea of gun ownership.


I barely know shit about guns, but here are are my 2 cents

Of course. Fast firing shit and limited recoil guns should be banned. Aptitude tests (stuff that can say “this guy isn’t dumber”) and the basic safety tests (idk how they do it right now, but I’m thinking a theory test and a practice test) are necessary to get permits, for obvious reasons. And I think private businesses/buildings should have the right to decide whether guns are allowed inside them.


I’ll just leave this here:


"if u have a criminal record"
Already illegal to own a gun as a felon. They get their gun illegally.


Think of owning a gun like how the brits feel about their queen, or how the Islamic Community feels about the hijab.

It is American culture, we were born in gun fire, raised and molded by it. If we feel our culture is attacked I.E. Banning guns, it will not end well.

Just uploading my little collection.


What about murder in general? Gangs and criminals swap to knifes, most of eastern europe practices strict gun laws but yet they in some cases have a murder rate of 5, the usa in comparison (last time i checked, i can source this if necessary) is about 3.4. So yeh, instead of a death thats loud , you got someone who died silently.

Guess what the murder rate of the most gun liberal countries are in europe :smiley: ?


He should know that. It is comical how the British are handling this.


BAUAHHAHHAAH, oh man, in Austria you know what they do to you if your caught carrying a knife? NOTHING, its legally carryable self defense tool!