Guys listen for stuff its important


her (10:41:18 PM): shoveling?
Me (10:41:19 PM): oops lmao wrogn one
her (10:41:20 PM): or showering
Me (10:41:20 PM): Haha
her (10:41:26 PM): cuz theres no snow yet

Auto response from Me (10:41:26 PM): Thinking of OLGA while in the shower. *wink haha (and thinking of olga when shes in the shower) HAHA <3 xoxo

her (10:41:29 PM): haha better
Me (11:17:20 PM): haha im a swimwear model!
Me (11:17:20 PM): :smiley:
her (11:17:23 PM): haha niice
her (11:17:28 PM): brb my turn to take a shower
her (11:17:33 PM): since u were rude and didn’t wait
Me (11:17:41 PM): o damn my mistake
Me (11:17:46 PM): we should have saved the water
her (11:17:49 PM): hahaha
her (11:17:52 PM): exactly
Me (11:17:59 PM): next time
her is away at 11:18:26 PM.
Me (11:19:07 PM): hehe <3

Auto response from her (11:19:07 PM): in the shower, thinking about MATT :wink: haha and thinkin about matt in the shower…although he already took a shower, i can still pretend…leave love hehe

Damn im a moron, i dont know why im not all over that… :tard :dunno


Yeah, i posted the picture of her in the shower in a previous thread! :rofl


I thought she liked to take a bath… :dunno At least that’s what she’d oing in the other post


u GUYS ARE WIERD lol. :slight_smile:

go get you some :hump





:lol :fu


im a swimsuit model.

You like looking at men huh dont you fag!


Not a cool post :gay




you and the “Tuff guy’s wear Pink” should hook up


I started the pink shirt thread on MF btw.

I got a Pink t-shirt from abercombie, that says Pink Shirt. Youd like it.



I so used that pic before… :urstupid :blowme


Matt, you have issues dude! HAHA!


I guess so lmao Love the sig! :fu


what can I say…it’s muh hero