Haha, dudes wheel fell off in front of my office!


Was playin the shell game and heard a noise, sounded like yet another wreck outside my office… look outside and see this:


rofl… they sat in the car for like 5 mins before anyone got out… there were like 4 kids in there, prolly like :wtf just happened :tard


WTF did they do :dunno


waited for a tow truck :lol


Wow no one knows to tighten lug nuts :lol :lol


lug nut.t


I was on my way to a job one morning (a while ago) and some lady’s front wheel feel off in the middle of the road. She pleeded with us to tow her car off the road because she had a suspended liscence, no insurance, and was on probation! haha, i wish i had had a camera