Haha! that was interesting


I was sittin here watching austin powers (since there’s nothing else interesting on) and I see my neighbor and his friend walk by my apartment. Suddenly his friend turns around and looks into my window. lol i’m like wtf? so I grab a cigarette and go out and talk to them. There’s two empty apartments in the complex so they were lookin around seeing which ones were empty and he didn’t know if mine was or not.

So I was out talking about rent and what they required to get an apartment here yada yada.

He was like I’m sorry man I’m not a pervert or anything I was just checking. lol




Sounds kind of suspicious. You dont just go around looking in peoples windows. And if the one dude is your neighbor, then he obviously would know whether or not your apartment was empty or not.


Well my neighbor was over on the otherside checking another apartment when he did that. I didn’t know my one neighbor had moved out though, so with him being on the opposite corner he very well might not have known.


That would freak me out though. :lol I’d be all WTF!?!?!? :lol




lol I was… I was sittin on my couch cleaning my fingernails and I looked up to see a guy peering into my window.

He turned beat red when I came outside with a cigarette. haha


That is alittle suspicious.