That looks like a in and out burger!!! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!


hes gonna have some clogged arteries…lol


Oh shizz!!! I guess I should have read it too, that is a in and out burger! Hahaa


Wow, thats a LOT of hamburger patties. lol.

I’d never eat another burger again if I were that guy.


I Agree Slo that doesnt even look good to me :frowning:


OMG Thats because youve never had an IN-N-OUT burger. They are the super duper bestest burgers in the whole wide world!!!11!! Its been YEARS since Ive had one. Every time I hear the name I starts to drool. [Homer Simpson]Mmmmmmmmmmmm buuurrrger[/Homer Simpson]


Really Boss do tell why you drowling hehehehehe :smiley:


`IN N OUT is on the same level as Jack in the Box for me. I love some jack in the box for sure!!!


I loves me some jack in tha box too but In-N-Out, to me is tha shizzle fo rizzle muh nizzle!!


do you think he ordered a side of cholesteral witht hat


Maybe he’s on the atkins diet??


if he was he wouldn’t be able to have cheese or bread


I never heard of those but I love Fudruckers


man, i feel deprived! I have never eaten at Fudruckers, Jack in the Box, or In and Out Burgers! Im jealous!


white castles is the best