Whats in store for everyone? We had our party friday night, which went w/o a problem. Actually had a shit load of people here. I wish they would of showed up a few weeks earlier for the meet LOL. Anyways, I have to work sun and mon, but i will be taking my kids trick or treating monday. Whats everyone elses plans?


We had our kegger last week, lots of fun. I was John Belushi from Animal House (Toga!!!). We also had a Batman, Cupid, Lumberjack, Redneck, and a Suicide Bomber. bacalaca durka durka mohammed jihad for those of you who get the reference.


I was a dirty girl scout. LOL


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:agree :lol


:agree x 1 buhgillion


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:o Well we know Joe got some. Cause if he didn’t, he would have exploded.

Jesus Christ. A friend of mine and BodyDropped said she went as Britney Spears in a catholic school girl outfit.




i went as dr love- sex instructor… had the whole crew as you may have read in a different thread… candy striper, naughty nurse, gyno, and the proctologist… and bacon as the bodybag :banana good times


so you met bacon?


Went to a party last night. I was a surgeon, and Ash was my naughty nurse. She used her costume for me on Friday night though http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y108/StangMang/Others/smileys/naughty.gif http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y108/StangMang/Others/smileys/drool.gif


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DAMN YOU ALL!!! :tard

No more talk of Naughty school girls, Naughty Nurses, and anything else until some pics start showin up!!!