Halo 2 anyone?


anyone play? Im on almost every night after 7pm est


sp3nis, user name for xbox i used to play most nights, and kicked ass but Counter Strike Source is the shit. :cool


I sux0r at it… But I play at friend’s house a lot…


md ill get ontonight still see if i got the skillz! you will prolly beat me real bad.


doh i got guest :owned


hehe yea this is the only place guests are allowed to post at right now


dont know why my cookies didnt keep me logged in.


I play quite a bit. I dont have xbox live but every one of my friends does. Its starting to get old now though. Anyone else play so much that they just kind of get sick of it?


joe is fixing to get on halo… whoever wants to join him…

He has no life


joe wants to know yaLLS user names



im logging on now…


nice playin with ya sp3nis :gay :lol


Haha! :smiley: ya i know. I was all about FFA in that battle ground map, when i played. But now Aliate got me into CSS and i havent played halo2 in forever!!
Also my xbox is a little jacked, the power drops on it for no reason. I need to buy a new one.


I suck at console games, but I’m thinking about getting Halo 2 and xbox live. I’m a counterstrike junkie myself.


Hey joe, whats your username

add me, im Aristocrat

i’ll kick your ass at halo 2 sometime :cool


you guys play on XBOX Live?? we have a team here, but we are poor and we hate microsoft and think we already gave them enough money for the damn console so we have XBC, if you are ever on that let me know, and I’ll fuck you up. :rock


saleen, that made NO sense. lol


[quote=OUZBnd]Hey joe, whats your username

add me, im Aristocrat

i’ll kick your ass at halo 2 sometime :cool[/quote]



What I’m trying to say is that we cannot afford XBOX live, so we have XBC which is basically a free version of XBOX live except it is a little glitchy, and they don’t have rankings. It is a free download known as XB Connect, you plug the XBOX into your computer and the compter to the Hub and you can play through your computer over the internet! If we ever get Live I will play you guys though.


dude live is only like 60 bucks a year… you drive a SALEEN!