Handling An Unpleasant Situation Emotionally


Back in 2011, I did some traveling. I saw some areas of the United States which I had never seen or been to before. I enjoyed myself.

But I did have one issue during the vacation.

I had rented a motel room one night. And the next day I woke up early, before the office at the motel was to open later that morning.

Not wanting to wait for the office to open to the public, I decided to drive my car to one of the local towns and walk around it for fun.

However, by the time I got back to the motel, it was after eleven o’clock, which was past the time for checkout for the day.

When I went to the office to ask the front desk worker if I could stay another night, he was angry with me. He said I could stay another night. But he told me not to do that again. Checkout was at eleven o’clock.

I wasn’t too easy on myself by rationalizing that it somehow wasn’t my fault, because it was my fault. However, I wasn’t to hard on myself either, as I told myself that we all do inconsiderate things from time to time.

And because their was that happy medium, I was able to handle the unpleasant situation quite well emotionally.