Happy b-day homer!


I know I know its a day late…I’m a horrible son…damn my eyes…love ya


happy late b-day :smiley:


Forgot your daddy’s bday


I have a pretty bad excuse that I will share with my father over the phone later


Don’t feel bad. The only Bday I can remeber is my own. :dunno I’m horrible with dates.

Happy birthday Homer!!!


Happy late birthday papa Bacon!!!

Hope it was a good one.


I’m a few days late but happy b-day anyway :rock


im a few days late too, but happy b-day!


Happy Birthday Homerman :smiley:



He’s still in Atlantic City so he hasn’t seen the thread yet :tard


So how young does this make him?
And is he down there partying for his B-Day? :banana


50 something or other…god I’m a horrible son




wow thank you every one, chris you’ll never chang i told last week you’d foreget didn’t i lol , i lost $1500 in AC and was leaving but had $20 left and poped for $500 on the 5 cent slot thers a whole lot to this story but to make it short insted of leaving in 6 hr i was there for 36 hr and left up $100 so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. :smiley: again thanks


Cool at least you didnt loose your ass