Happy Birthday RedStangGT2000




So, how young does it make ya today?



j/k, happy birthday :booze :booze


Happy Birthday :kneeljoe


:boozie http://www.offtopicz.com/forums/smilies_mod/upload/1019b8001d1a945102b99097eeb41edb.gif


Happy Fuckin’ Birthday, PAL! :smiley:

I toast you a glass of cranberry juice for a rifriggindiculously great day, kiddo!

banana, banana, rock!


:wtf its not till August :dunno But I will still take free drinks :smiley: :booze


happy early b-day



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its not until august



Re: RE: Happy Birthday RedStangGT2000

Are you sure? :wtf


seriously?? It said it was your b-day on mf, so I just wished you a happy b-day over here!! haah… lol


7-8 or 8-7 :dunno I guess its close enough :booze


this thread is funny already. not yet his bday! some funny shit


It is my B-day if V’s handing out the spankins :booty