Happy Halloween ALL




Happy Halloween. it feels like it cause i seriously think i have a ghost in my Apt. my tv keeps turning off and on and flipping through the channels. :dunno :tard


Early this morning, we got woken up to someone pounding on the front door. I got up to go see who it was and there was no one there and there was no cars in the driveway. It was freakin weird. :dunno


Did anyone watch a program on the Discovery channell. maybe the travel channel. But anyway. This family from Cali. went to this old Monistary in Italy called something something Luciida.
The History about the Monisteray goes back several hundred years.
The Munks (Monks) whatever turned the church into a devil worshipping dungeon. They lured a bunch of peasents in to the church and locked them up then proceeded to smash there heads in on an altar in the Church. I mean they literraly flattnd the heads into pulp.

Well the Italion govt. Catholic church discoverd what happend so they sent soldiers out to investigate. When the Captain of the patrol found out what they had done He inturn proceeded to torture the Monks. Some were buried alive. A few were bludgend to death like there victims. Some were hung up on walls to die a slow death.

Well the family from Cali was invited to go there and spend the night at the Monistary. They had cameras attached to them Like the Blair Witch project movie. And they had a film crew inside with them.
It was laughable. I thought the whole thing was set up and a bit contrived.