Happy Mothers Day


Happy mothers day to all the mothers on the board!


Thank You very much!! Happy Mothers Day to you too. Hope you have a good one. I’m here at work. It sucks.


im at home with the kids… but I wish I was still in bed like joe!! I though that ATLEAST on mothers day I would be able to sleep iN!!


I dont think guys think of the little things like that sometimes. But, yeah it sure would be nice to still be in bed. I wish I was too.




Yeah Happy Mothers Day HRnB…you Motha :fu


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:lol Happy Mothers Day!


Happy Day set a side for Moms and stuff.


Happy MDay Vs… May your kids act like little angels, if not just for today. :smiley:


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Oh, and Ver, your not Joe’s Mother sheeesh. :smiley: J/K…
…I’m guna pay for that one. : :tard

Steed :fu


Happy Mothers Day to any mothers here