Happy Thansgiven!


I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiven.


thanksgiving :smiley:

and to ya as well, just drinky up later tonight :booze :banana



Have fun, but not TOO much fun. :smiley:

:booze :booze :booze :booze


happy thanksgiving


back at yeah Haus. :smiley:


happy turkey day y’all


i feel like a stuffed turkey :tard :tard


happy day late thanksgiving!


way to b late V


:funnah :funnah :funnah :funnah so anyway how was everyones thanksgiven. mine was pretty good. got to see my family which is always nice since i dont see them as much anymore. my aunts new boy friend is a creepy MF’er. food was pretty good. so how was everyone elses thanksgiven.


I cooked it was da bomb need I say more