Might Australians made a HATTRICK of winning the ICC CRICKET WORLD CUP 2007 …

2nd biggest win for Ricky Ponting and his fellow team mates.

Adam Gilchrist smashed all over Barbados 149 off 104.

Its party time the best team with best player have won…

G.D.McGrath “The Pigeon” … we will miss you !! :frowning:

But all well that ends well…

Sri Lankan Chuckers had no answer to Australian attack !!! Thght there will be a tough between Murlitharan and Australians, but John Buchanan excuted the game plan very well … Thanks to ADAM GILCHRIST " GILI " who counter attacked Sri Lankans…

OZ have 4 WORLD CUPS under their belt :

Reliance Cup 1987
ICC Super England 1999
ICC SA Worl Cup 2003
ICC Carribean World Cup 2007

Just fantastic performance … They came they saw and they conquered !!!

Not really into cricket but congratulations to Australia, they really are the dominant force in the game at the moment. It’s just a shame the final ended in such a farcical situation and the World Cup was overshadowed by the murder of Bob Woolmer.:frowning: