Have a good week / weekend

I am getting ready for work. Then I am flying off to my sisters house for about a week. She warned me that her internet sucks, so I probably wont get back on till I get back tuesday night!


have fun…

Bye Tom, have a safe trip and behave :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=“AUDRAA, post: 1096030”]Bye Tom, have a safe trip and behave :p[/quote]I dont behave you know that!:wink:

Have a safe trip, see you later.

Thanks Lexi

You’re welcome. Enjoy your family.

Be safe and have fun with your sister. I miss mine.

Have a good time man.

Be safe… Take care… I’ll miss you… Hurry back… Can I go too?

Have a good time and be safe! :slight_smile:

can you fit in the carryon?

If you move a little to the left I’m sure I can. :smiley:

:24::24: girl you kill me!

Have a good trip Tom!

I forgot to say for you to be safe man!

I do what I can. You got ta have laughter and luv to survive. Apparently I plan on living a very long time. :smiley:

Oh and Tom…bring me back something nice please? :wink:

have a good and safe trip

Alright everyone I am off to the airport!