Have you ever been?

Used as a chew toy?

This is Liam’s new thing when he’s hungry or sooky.


Awwwww… how cute! :smiley:

just curious what sooky means… :dunno

It looks adorable though LOL!


Wanting attention, cuddly just clingy.

oh gotcha… Ive never heard the term before :slight_smile:

I think it might be eastern Canadian slang… I don’t know I grew up it the term.

That’s just too cute!

Dominic has this new thing where he repeatedly ask me to do “This little piggy.” Every time I finish it, he tries to bite my fingers. Gotta love teething.

Aww that is cute yet… might hurt girlie.

He has very sharp teeth and bites pretty hard. We’re in trouble if he ever starts biting other kids. But I can’t help doing it because of how cute he looks while asking.

Aww. We do the oddest things for our babies… I am find out.

I’m all for whatever makes them happy.

How sweet!

Same here… everyone tells me not to do that to my lip… but as soon as he does he calms right now and cuddles then usually falls asleep.


How adorable! :slight_smile:

Super cute!!!

Babies are definitely orally fixated.

I’ve never seen anything like that in my life! It’s sweet to see. :slight_smile:

thats too cute mel! just be careful when he gets teeth and wants to start biting your boob.

[quote=“AUFred, post: 1086916”]Babies are definitely orally fixated.[/quote] yes this little man touches everything he can find with his tongue or mouth in general.

[quote=“GoldDust Woman, post: 1086917”]I’ve never seen anything like that in my life! It’s sweet to see. :)[/quote] I had never seen it either till I took the pic:willy_nilly: and boy oh boy he sucks hard :eek

He still won’t latch properly… he mainly uses me as a soother… he chews instead of sucks… So… I try to avoid it unless he is really fussy… I am still pumping though.

good on the pumping. the reason i stated watch out is that lauren (3) came up to me about 2 months ago and tried to bite me in the nipple area “cause i want to”. she never learned to latch as a baby and i pumped for her, but she saw me feed addie that way. so weird cause she was just sitting in my lap snuggling and BAM tried to bite!