Have you ever blacked out


Due to alcohol?

First time really was yesterday where I didn’t have anything to eat and basically downed a couple of bottles of wine. Parents ended up getting called and I ended up in hospital not being able to carry out basic functions.

Very scary, definitely put me off alcohol for at least the short term.

Have you ever had an experience like this and if so what did you do?


Hahahhahahahaah oh my, I have blacked out before, but I didn’t need hospital treatment for it,


If you needed to go to the hospital it’s much worse than just a black-out. Personally in college (kinda) so I have had my share of alcohol induced black-outs :stuck_out_tongue:


Idek what happened, I guess parents wanted to take me in just in case. Got funny looks off doctors so I feel really sorry for my parents who must’ve been so embarrassed.

My heart rate was also through the roof and sweating profusely


I’m surprisingly tolerant of alcohol. I’ve gotten super super drunk a few times, but never blacked out. Even last week I was drinking (loads) from about 1PM - 5:30AM and didn’t black out.


Yeah its weird for me and there seems to be some kind of balance.

I’ve downed one and a bit bottles of wine before and was fine, but with two I’m totally dead.

I’m quite intolerant but I drink regularly and normally am actually fine.


From experience, it almost only happen if are weakened compared to usual, like if you haven’t eaten a lot or are really tired


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I haven’t blacked out as in passed out, at least I think so, the closest I’ve come to that is playing a of Ring of Fire with my housemates during freshers and having to down a large saucepan of Tennents, vodka, Hooch, whiskey, previously lit matches, some disintegrated biscuits and a heavy sense of shame/degeneracy; and that was at about 8pm, I can’t really remember anything past that until 3am. So I kind of ‘blacked out’ for 7 hours on and off.


Not to mention the whole eating thing… That’s really bad.


yes but you probably regularly drink spirits like that because you are in uni whereas I normally stick to ‘softer’ drinks such as wine, beer and alcopops.


Wish I went for that pizza express before now :wink:


Isn’t wine usually 15%? It’s not ‘soft’ if you’re grouping beer and alcopops in with it.

Yeah but not a fucking saucepan full in about 2 minutes


I guess not. Ones I had was about 10-12% I think? But that’s like 2 beers per wine


No, and I do not plan to either.


Sounds fun but really isn’t. You could do literally anything


That’s not usually the kind of thins you plan to do :stuck_out_tongue: That’s like, the exact opposite of something you plan to do


Nope, although I’ve come very close before.


I must say, blacking out, or at least getting close is so much fun, trust me, you’ll be wanting to once you go to uni


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did you get your stomach pumped?


I think thats already been said copycat