Have you ever blacked out


No I don’t think so, can’t remember anything from A&E

I’d know if I did wouldn’t I?


Well in my ideal world you’d know because I’d fine you the cost of the stomach pump


I don’t think they do it anymore because its too intrusive


Once, during Freshers. I drank far too much and my only memories of that night are fuzzy images of random scenes. I remember shivering and puking on the sidewalk, and then being approached by paramedics. After that I black out again. Apparently I was carried to the club but I remember nothing. My only other memory is stumbling out of a taxi and into my uni residence’s front door. Then it goes black again.

Somehow didn’t have a hangover though. Learned my lesson when it comes to pacing my drink, lel.




Dhavent blacked out, but I once had internal stomach bleeding due to drinking which was much worse. Woke up in vomit, mixed with blood all over my clothes and bedsheets. I was so shit I called my mom to come from Newcastle to uni cause I couldn’t move or do shit


Shamefully, I did it quite a lot of times. I go way overboard if I start drinking too regularly, which is the main reason I hardly drink anymore now.

Having £200 a week with no real outgoings when I was 17 from my first full time job made me go off the rails a bit. Drank heavily four or five nights a week, one of those being a Friday night, so £1 drinks in town followed by more drinks when I got back home at 5am. I basically can’t remember much of the year I turned 18…


Depends what you mean. I have had nights where I literally remember nothing after a certain time, but I’ve never ‘passed out’ from drinking.


Coco drinks constantly to forget the YD posts he reads.


It’s been years since I’ve consumed alcohol. But when I did, I didn’t black out. Instead, I couldn’t get to sleep until mid afternoon the next day after getting drunk at a party the night before.


Way too many times, where I’m basically on auto-pilot. No recollection. Unless you’ve seen me drunk many times before, I guess it’s hard to tell how drunk I actually am by just looking at me because I don’t slur my words and can walk straight. Sometimes I act normal other than the fact that my volume is through the roof, and sometimes I pass out but people usually think it’s just because I’m tired or done for the night haha.