Have you placed any bets on the US election?


I’ve got a tenner (£10) on Trump to win, with a £45 return if he does. As it wasn’t worth betting on Clinton as the return was too little to warrant the effort.

With a friend we’ve got a pint on bet as well, I get a pint of Guinness, he’s going for a pint of Estrella (mine being slightly more expensive); and again, I’ve bet on Trump.


I haven’t. I would gamble and bet on Trump. But with all the media hype around Clinton und the kind of shit that’s pulled, probably better to bet on Clinton.


I imagine it will end up being Clinton who wins, unfortunately, however, there’s a chance of Trump winning, and I’ll take that bet.


I’m looking at Paddy Power and above my bet I am really attracted to the Accumulator on Trump + Le Pen at 4/1 and 11/2


I don’t gamble.


I got Trump on 7/2, I think, on 888Sports.


use a betting comparison site man, those are poor odds. even high streets do 4/1, and some good ones still do 5/1


188bet gives you 5/1 on Trump and a free 25 bet to supplement whatever you gave (minimum 10)

So 25 on Trump = 50 pound bet at 5/1 with 250 return when he wins, or a profit of 225.

However, perhaps, closer to the election / exit polls, it will be like Brexit. The odds for Trump/Brexit radically slashed in the last few polls, and then money flows, but then results come in and the odds do a 180

Paddy Power was still doing 9/1 for brexit before the Sunderland result, which is amazing.


I just put a bet on Trump at 5/1. I would’ve waited until later on in the night to see if the odds got any better but I’m going to be drinking and away from a decent internet connection so it’s better to do it now.


Literally first monetary non-friendship based bet I’ve ever done.


If the exit polls go Clinton’s way but even they are wrong, then there’s about a two hour gap to the first results from crucial Indiana to tell us the swing.

So there’s plenty of time to make a new bet with potentially better odds. As I said, the Brexit odds became extremely favourable in the final two hours before the Sunderland result.

Although tbh I am beginning to regret it a bit as I have never factored in the Mitt Romney write-in from moron Republicans


You could still have looked at bet comparisons. This is also my first ever non-friendship gambling, bar a lottery ticket I bought on my 18th and for that 160m.

For every 1 pound we bet I will get 2 more in return than you over and above your own stake win. Which is a very large difference.

I think I’m going to regret placing my bet though, because I didn’t place enough. I don’t want to be greedy though, but at the end of the day that money has no use to me until at least 21.


I too do not gamble.


Don’t worry people, Jesus will forgive your sins. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime event.

You might as well go for stocks anyway

Trump win = Coal, energy, building materiel (not material), silver, gold, JPY, CHF etc
Clinton win = Peso, shorting Coal (like that’s doubling the money), shorting dollar, and perhaps buying silver/gold too. Invest in alternative energy, especially renewables with already-existing government contracts.


It’s not because of Jesus. Furthermore, any stocks would work for Hillary - even Trump’s.


Tbh I didn’t rly know about it.

How much you go for and on who?




There is universal consensus that the stocks will drop whoever wins the election tomorrow. CNBC did an article on it even as recently as yesterday.

Trump carries a larger average drop forecast than Hillary, but both of them have areas where stocks will boom and where stocks will absolutely plunge to oblivion (from blue chip to penny stock overnight)

Mad Money from CNBC expects stocks to rebound to October levels for Clinton around February and for Trump around December (17).


Better get ready on eToro


lol never knew it existed. I know about the dolphin one and Robin Hood

eToro doesn’t do forex trading though (from what I can see), and it’s expected over $14 trillion will move over the next 24 hours worldwide. Or basically China’s entire GDP. (Normal daily trading is $5.5trn, of which majority is done through London)

I think it was called the Greatest Shift of Wealth in a Single Day by the Economist. Wonder if I can find that article again. (forex is rich people’s way of playing paddy power with lower odds)


I was talking about the S&P index, which is increasing as Hillary is increasing her chances of winning.

This is off the back of Hillary regaining some sort of a lead…

#Try reading CNBC:

However, arguably for the JP Morgan one, it has already reached 2,150 on the back on Hillary gaining a 4-point lead.