Have you placed any bets on the US election?


I don’t like to say how much because

  1. Makes me look like I have problems
  2. I have a subconscious belief that telling someone means I’m less likely to get it

It’s 3 figures anyway. But my mental compensation for the loss factor is that I’m okay with losing it as I have no sentimental value to what I put in.


Fair enough.

Somewhat superstitious but fair enough.


superstition is real bro the only time i bet with my friend on a southampton fc match and told my mum i lost it, and i won every other one that i didnt

plus this is about the future of the world so i don’t want @BingoBongoLand to ruin it for me :S



Well I’ve told several others my bet, so i may have just ruined it for you. As I may have bet on MAGA.


Well, I’ve got £5 on with someone else in my year, if either of us gets our Electoral College predictions exactly right then money is owed (this is mine, this is his).


I put £10 on Evan McMullin winning the presidency.


Good luck! Good money.


Got my Trump hat on. :slight_smile:


Got mine out! :smile:


I almost got one like that, but I thought the one I have is pretty cool.


Has anyone heard of problems in Pennsylvania?


You’d be an awful Chancellor of the Exchequer


Trump winning there is a rather big problem.


The amount of MAGA hats I saw last night was brilliant.


Fuck off.

If you put £5 on Leicester, Brexit and Trump to win a year ago, your return would have been £15 million.



I posted a tweet about it somerwhere


Coral confirmed it on Twitter being £15 million.

It was probably just because of the different odds at different times.


Well I’m £45 up, but I;m guessing @Cameronism is up upwards of £1500+


I’m £10 down.

Fuck you Utah. Fuck you.


I was going to bet £10 on Hillary (bcos I’m a poor ass teen) but I’m glad I didn’t now.