Heh funny quote off of pinks


Well i was rewatching wednesdays pinks episode and caught something i didnt the first time

When they started arguing “You racing a 110hp bike aginst a 67hp bike, wanna see the dyno sheets?”

And the other guy comes back saying “we can race all day on a dyno if you own a supra”

I just found that funny lol


:rofl :funnah theres a war over at MF about that. something about 1200 hp supras running 12’s


Re: RE: Heh funny quote off of pinks

Whats the differnce between a 400 hp supra and and 1000 hp supra?


They both run 12s :rofl :rofl :rofl

And the jokes continue lol


Thats amazing :rofl


The truth hurts. LOL!