Hell Yea


i work at a publix grocery store and they sponsor six flags every year. well since im a bagger, i get to wear and keep this kickass shirt for free. it has a picture of that old guy dancing by the bus and all, and he is like, “want a ticket” and it is the shit. i get to keep the shirt too. im trying to get an extra one, but my manager said it is a limited supply. if i can find any- ill post pics. im so happy :banana


:banana :banana :banana :banana


his name is mr. six (six flags mascot)

heres some pics of this wild old dood.





:wtf they showed up in preview… hmm



they were valid links… apparantly that site blocks hotlinking


Love those commercials


yea my shirt is so badass. they only made them for publix front service employees. which means only people who bag or cashier get them. and publix is a southeast regional company. so like only 20 thousand people have them. im so unique. :lol


That dude can dance. I wonder who it really is? That would be fuuny if we find out it’s Jamie Kennedy. :smiley:


Kinda looks like it could be him


no, yo know that guy in the phone commercials that is like “can you hear me now…good”? well 6 flags owns verizon and they wont release that actors name to the public, nor will they release any info on this dancing guys age or name etc.


I just figured out who he is. It’s Junior Soprano. Who’d a thunk a whop could dance as suchness :wtf


Thats a cool comercial but hes young painted to look old :lol :lol


The real song


haha, i love my job now, i get all kinds of free promotional stuff. i get discounts at 6 flags too!


The TV comercials are a real hoot. You can see the dude rubber mask moving when they zoom in. But great stuff !! I have only seen two TV comercials. Are there more. I would buy this in a video , just to jam to. lol


i dont know. i know for a fact they made 2 commercials- a 30second one and a full 60second ad. i dont know if there are more? :dunno


I was looking for the dancing guy and I came across the GAYEST THING IN THE WORLD, LMFAO!!! Check it out.


can you get tickets for freee??


As a fellow Italian, allow me to correct your mistake. “WHOP” is spelled. W.O.P.

As in Without Papers.



That’s what wop means? Dang sidey, your a plethora of info. Your pretty smart for a grease ball. :fu

But he does look like Junior Soprano :tard