Hell yeah!


GO COLTS! 9-0 Baby!


oh god, not a clot fan…


Yep ever since Peyton Went to Indy. I lived on the Tennesse border growing up and watched Peyton through college.


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That’s funny cuz I’ve hated him since college, being a Gators/Jags fan!


Kenseth isn’t doing too well today though


this guy sounds mad:



That guy is about fucking dumb. I hate Manning, but I can at least admit he’s a damn good QB


you took my trophy, dt3 :fu !


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Which one?


:agree yeah which one. he takes most of them along with art and birdieman


lol just kidding I don’t care about stupid trophies for flash games


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Absolutely Sick. :rock


Absolutely Sick. :rock[/quote]

It’s ok. They gotta brutal schedule coming up. Hopefully Pitt and Cincy beats em so when they come to Jax in Dec the Division lead is on the line. We’ll be ready!


I don’t think they’ll give up their undefeated standings.

The only real obstacle they had to overcome was the patriots… and they basically decimated them.


Oh come on, the Pats are so decimated by injuries it’s sad. I think Pitt will give them a run for their money, but I’m not sure about Cincy. And San Diego should be a good game too.


Using injuries as a crutch excuse isn’t going to win them games.

Fact is the superbowl champions lost to a team that wanted it more.


Injuries aren’t an excuse, but you have to admit it’s a huge factor in a game. What if the Colts lost Manning or Freeney?


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:agree think back last superbowl, when owens was injured and nobody knew if he was going to play or not


Pitt will def. be a battle. The pats win was more of an emotional obstacle than physical. Cincy well they are playing good right now so we will see. I do however think the Colts will have Homefield in the AFC playoffs.